Swimming pool

Saltwater Private Pool in Pefkohori

Dive into the refreshing embrace of our saltwater pool—a haven for relaxation and family fun.

  1. Gentle on the Skin: The mild salinity of the water is like a spa treatment for your skin. No more red eyes or irritated skin—just pure aquatic bliss!

  2. Healthier for the Respiratory System: Breathe easy! Saltwater pools are known for being kinder to the respiratory system, making it a perfect choice for little ones who love to splash and play.

  3. Environmentally Friendly: Embrace eco-conscious living. Our saltwater pool uses a natural process called electrolysis to keep the water clean, reducing the need for traditional chlorine and minimizing the environmental impact.

  4. Soft, Silky Water: Experience the luxury of swimming in water that feels like silk. The softness of saltwater is unmatched, providing a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience.

Counter Current Swimming System

Discover a Slice of Paradise with Our Counter Current Swimming System!

Take Your Swim to the Next Level:

Ditch the traditional laps and embrace the future of swimming.
Our innovative counter current swimming system provides a constant flow of water, allowing you to swim against the current without ever hitting the wall.
It’s like having your private endless pool right at your doorstep!
Perfect your strokes, improve your endurance, or simply unwind in the soothing flow – the choice is yours.

Relaxing Hydro-Massage Pool

Dive into comfort with our pool’s built-in hydro-massage jets.